India is not only replete with diversity in cultures but also in food. If you think it’s all about savouries, you have explored the dessert section yet. Each region, district and even rural areas have their own special mithais which are made at home during the festive season. No celebration is complete without a plate full of sweets, ready to be dunked into the mouth. 

The culture of making these sweets at home is also pretty common in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. A delicious treat that you shouldn’t miss out during festivals is Laung Latika. A traditional dessert, believed to be from Bihar, is a desi pastry stuffed with all things tasty. 

The Bihari Version 

Source: Cook Doors/Instagram

While Khaja and Balushahi been known for their sweetness, Laung Latika is relatively unspoken of, outside the state. This dessert is actually a stuffed street food delicacy. The interesting bit here is that while the stuffing is overall sweet, it is the addition of cloves that lends the sweetmeat a pungent taste. Don’t worry, because these complex flavours will not confuse you. Instead, the sugar-dipped pastry is going to make you fall in love with it. 

The Bengali Version

Source: Aroma Flavour/Instagram 

Well, firstly, the Bengalis call it Lobong Latika. This deep-fried snack is a tea-time favourite. Though the preparation is similar and it is stuffed with a sweet kheer mixture, what makes the clove-sealed lobongs are their miniature size. Across Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, the Laung Latika is bigger, almost the size of your fist and served in mud pots. 

The origins of this heavenly envelope-shaped dessert is not definite but we can say one thing with affirmation, the crispy crust and sweet inside will be a perfect companion for the winters, whether in Bihar or Bengal.