What do you think about a “plant-based diet”? What do you instantly imagine? Bland veggie meals, lack of sufficient protein and no meat provided? If yes, then you are not alone! However, plant-based doesn't mean 'no meat' - it involves prioritising plants over meat. Clinical Nutritionist Dr Vikki Petersen highlights how a plant-based diet benefits your holistic wellness!

Best plant-based foods with more protein than meat:


Soybeans in a single one-cup serving provide 18 grams of protein, equivalent to a hamburger patty. So have you heard any inaccurate information about soy? For instance, it causes cancer or hormonal imbalance, but it is wrong. Despite being untrue, it is unfortunate that it has been widely propagated; it is a deemed “truth/fact” by several - but the science contradicts some concerns.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds contribute 30 grams of protein to each serving. By comparison, a chicken breast provides 25 grams. Hemp seeds extend all nine necessary amino acids as a complete protein. In addition, hemp seeds give a  nutty taste and hence can be included in granola, smoothies, salads and oatmeal.


Almond butter and almonds contribute 10-12 grams of protein in a serving of one cup. Therefore, one tablespoon of almond butter gives an equal amount of protein in a glassful of milk. Do you favour peanut butter? Then two tablespoons will produce eight grams of protein.

Black Beans

One single cup of black beans serving gives 15 grams of protein. It is similar to chicken drumsticks. Black beans can be included in stews, soups, veggie patty, mashed beans, black bean brownie as a prominent source of protein.


Do you know that a half-cup serving of oatmeal gives 6 grams of protein? And it is equal to one egg! You can double the protein value by adding some soy milk and nut butter.