From sindoori to dushehri, fruit sellers loathe their carts with the best of mangoes grown in different corners of the country. If the quality is good, the price would have to match up to it. What if one day you placed your hand on a mango and it costs you 2.7 lakhs for a kg.  

Just before you faint, we’ll tell you there is a high probability of this occurrence now. Until recently, the majestic Miyazaki mango was a Japanese special but a few days ago, a couple from Madhya Pradesh accidentally planted these mangoes in their farm and now it’s a rage. Unaware of the fact that their effort from years ago would bear the costliest fruit of the international market from last year, they continued to live life like usual. 


Miyazaki mangoes are sold at such a high price without a reason. They are flaming red in colour and the shape is like royal rubies, with each mango weighing about 350 grams. Given the high sugar content of up to 15% or more, their ripeness is an evidence to that. Due to their appearance and taste, they are also called Eggs of Sunshine in Japan, now available in Thailand, Philippines and of course, India.  

Coming back to the couple, as much as they were in shock when a customer offered to pay INR 21,000 for a single mango, they have come to terms with the fact that what they produced was a miracle. Stealing fruits from someone’s bagh is not an unknown phenomenon but in this case, it could cost them a fortune.  

Standing tall, hanging from the branches of trees, this rare variety is being preserved and guarded from thieves by four employed guards and seven dogs. Looks like the King of fruits is actually getting it’s much needed VIP treatment finally!