If you think that onion peels are a waste, we are going to surprise you with some astonishing facts. We are in favour of zero-waste cooking and therefore advocate the use of the entire part of a vegetable or fruit. And, we have a valid reason to support that. The outer covering of onion is packed with heat-friendly flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E, and fiber. Its consumption can also help in maintaining blood sugar levels and boost your immunity. But, you should be careful when using onion peels. Make sure they are free from pesticides and chemical treatments. Onion skin can do wonders that you cannot even imagine. Let’s explore some of the effective onion peel hacks that can make your life simple and a lot easier.

Used as a Hair Colour

Don’t be surprised. Onion peel can be converted to a hair dye. To do that, you need an iron pan. Heat it on a medium flame and then add onion peels. Keep tossing the peels until you get completely black and charred skin. Now, turn off the flame and grind it to get a smooth powder. Mix aloe vera gel or hair oil to it and apply directly as a hair dye to keep gray hair at bay for some days.

Flavour Enhancer

We all know that onion is an essential part of cooking food. It gives a unique flavor to any dish. But, did you know that its peels can accentuate that flavor further? Yes, you read that right. Onion skin is packed with the goodness of flavours.

Relieves Your Body Pain

If you are suffering from body aches or muscle pull, you need to try onion peel tea as it provides relief from muscle pain. All you need to do is to take a pan, add some water and onion peel and give it a boil. Have the tea before bedtime for better effects.

Induces Sleep

No, this is not a bluff. Onion peels are loaded with L-tryptophan, which is a form of amino acid. It acts as a natural sedative. This means, having onion peel tea at night can calm your nerves and help you sleep better.