Pakores are passé. To maintain your diet and not spoil the monsoon fever, we’ve got something for you. Healthy snacks that are perfect set the tone for this rainy season. No, they aren’t boring and yes, you’ll love them.  

1. Corn chaat  

Credits: Jasmine Kaur (Author)

Not chaat papdi, not bhalla chaat but corn chaat. Instead of nibbling on that cob, take the corn kernels and boil them. Add your favourite chopped veggies like onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and coriander. Some salt and pepper with a dash of lemon squeeze. And your Corn chaat is ready in minutes. You can boiled potatoes for some more flavour.  

2. Fruits on the grill  

Give your regular fruits a delicious twist. Dice them and grill them on skewers to make some interesting fruit tikkas. Sprinkle lime juice for that tangy after-taste. Did we mention how good grilled pineapple tastes?  

3. Sweet Potato fries  

Not your regular french fries. These are sweet potato fries, replete with taste and devoid of calories. Finely sliced sweet potato strips are shallow-fried in a pan and seasoned with some salt. Tell your kids you’ve made fries for snacks and they’ll never know.  

4. Sprouts cutlets  

A piece of aloo tikki would have approximately 275 calories. And we are sure you don’t want that. You needen’t eliminate the humble potato completely. Combine it with some boiled sprouts and your healthy tikki is ready.  

5. Healthy cheese sticks  

Healthy and cheese sticks look odd in one sentence? Not anymore. Cut celery sticks and make a creamy dip with hung curd and blue cheese. Dip those sticks and Oh! You’ll be amazed.  

After all, why should rains always have to be about deep-fried calories and drops. (of oil, we were going to say).