The focus is on your appearance and the way you should look. But, wait, who decides what we should look like? Doesn’t the beauty lie in differences rather than uniformity of individuals?  


What all is a part of diet culture?  

This culture includes several activities, ranging from special fancy diets to everyday lifestyle choices. The fact that you look in the mirror each morning with a lot of negative ideas like your butt should be in a better shape, your arms should be thinner, you need to reduce your tummy flab etc. These are the kind of thoughts that are promoted by a diet culture.  


Who all form    this culture?  

Well, if you start to look around, you’ll notice that every second person in the crowd is a victim of this diet culture. This does not necessarily mean that you may be following a particular diet like keto, intermittent etc. It’s simply the choices you make in your daily life like spending time searching for low-calorie recipes, weight loss tips online. At the very outset, they may seem harmless but you never know the impact it can have on your long-term mental health.  


So, is diet culture a healthy practice?  

The final question: Is it really healthy? No, it’s not. It is one of the most toxic lifestyles which is often disguised as a healthy way of living. At its core, the proponents of diet culture include celebrities, social media influencers and almost any person who tells you what you should eat and what you should look like. By using terms like Wellness, it tries to portray a positive image of dieting. However, all it leads to is harmful health effects, both physical and mental, promoting the lack of self-worth, feelings of self-doubt in a quest to look good in the eyes of society.  


Look around and you’ll see how you are also a part of the diet industry in one way or another.