We are all aware about the importance of spices in our Indian cuisine. It is next to impossible to imagine Indian food without it. The sapid aroma of the spices makes the food even more scrumptious. Among the gamut of spices in the culinary world, cardamom has the strongest scent. Apparently, this is one of the reasons why it is also often called the ‘Queen of Spices’. This aromatic seed pod is also one of the most expensive spices in the world. Cardamom, which is native to India, belongs to the family of ginger, and is also loaded with health benefitting properties. In Indian and Chinese traditional medicine, this sweet-scented spice has been used to treat several ailments for millennia. This multipurpose cardamom can really become a great addition to your diet. It will not only add layers of taste to your overall dining experience, but will also provide you with various benefits. Some of them are listed below.

1. Aids Indigestion

Cardamom has a fair amount of methanolic extract. It is a component which can help in alleviating gastric ailments such as flatulence, bloating and stomach aches.

2. Pacify Inflammations

Cardamom has a high source of antioxidants which can quell inflammations caused by respiratory problems. It may also help to clear out any infection or bacteria residing in the body.

3. Beneficial For Heart

A study published by the RNT Medical College India, stated that cardamom has the property to reduce the blood pressure and can also boost the antioxidant status by 90%. Thereby, preventing heart related ailments.

4. Good For Skin And Hair

Cardamom can regulate the secretion of sebum. Balancing of this gland can prevent the oily scalp, which may further help to revive the shine of your hair. This property can also clear out the clogged pores which can give you a clear radiant skin.

5. Relaxation Of Mind

The presence of antioxidant properties fights against the build-up of cortisol in your body, which may help to assuage the stress to a great extent.

So, whenever you take a sip of your cardamom infused chai, just remember these amazing benefits.