Clubbing every food from Italy under one generic heading, 'Italian food', may restrict you from understanding the tradition and culture in the inner regions of the country. When in Tuscany, immerse yourself in the local experiences. Here we list some of the foods you can eat while you are in the beautiful town — 


1. Patè di fegato  

In Tuscany, the patè di fegato is made with chopped liver, sage leaves, onions, anchovy, olive oil, broth, and red wine, and served on toasted baguette slices. Perfect for a picnic or barbecue, a warm plate of this delicacy is cherished deeply in Tuscany!  


2. Cacciucco  

This stew is made up of five different types of fish available in the Mediterranean region, and that is why there are 5 C's in the name of the dish. While the dish is served, the fish pieces are strained from the broth and put on a different plate, and pieces of bread are placed on the other plate to soak up the broth. 


3. Castagnaccio  

This is a traditional chestnut flour cake that is typically found in the autumn season. The flour is widely popular in the Tuscany region where the chestnuts are collected and dried in huts in forests. There are many versions of castagnaccio in Tuscany. Some people prefer raisins and pine nuts, whilst others like to use orange zest and walnuts. 


4. Cecina 

This is a chickpea pancake, also called flatbread. In Tuscany, the cecina is eaten between two slices of focaccia and sometimes sausage. Apart from chickpea, the other ingredients are salt, water, and olive oil. But people may also use herbs such as rosemary and sage. 

Do enjoy these mouth-watering experiences on your visit to Italy!