The fast-paced lives and the monotonous routines might dull our charm but it is the chatpata street food that keeps us up and about. Each city is known to have its special street food menu. For instance, you can take a Mumbaikar out of Mumbai but not their love for vada pav. Similarly, Delhiites cannot live without their golgappes and chole bhature.  When we think of Gujaratis, dhokla is one of the first things that we think of. Definitely, it is a specialty but there is much more in store for you. 

Amdavadis love their khandvis, khamman, theplas and a host of interesting street foods. Here are some of them that you can try at home. 

1. Gathiya 

Spicy snacks are a favourite in Gujarati meals. Even when they having lunch or dinner, they like to add some spicy namkeen to the mix. Gathiya is one such crunchy snack. The long sticks made of gram flour are mixed with a host of spices. 

2. Patra 

A breakfast special in Ahemdabad, patra is also made from gram flour. Also know as alu vadi, the shape of patra is interesting with several layers wrapped around each other to give it a thick cubical look. It is deep-fried and relish with chutney. 

3.  Bhugla Bateta 

A lip-smacking combination for kids, boiled potatoes are served along with crispy fryums. This quirky-named dish is fried in a fiery garlic sauce that lends it a distinct taste. 

4. Daal Vada 

Fried in hot oil, these bite-sized vadas are accompanied with green chilies and onions. Generally made of moong dal, they resemble the traditional moong dal pakodas in many ways. Enjoy it with a cup of hot tea. 

5. Khakhras 

Paper-thin crunchy flatbreads that are available in a range of flavours, khakhras are enjoyed with a side of achaar and a spicy chutney. 

What if you can’t travel to Gujarat, you can always relish their food at home.