Curious much? We’ve found some crazy dessert recipes that are sweet and spicy, just for you! Read to know more.  

1. Mexican Brownies  

Made with the deliciousness of hot chocolate, what makes these Mexican brownies different is its smoky texture. All thanks to cinnamon and cayenne pepper, these spicy brownies will make you want more.  

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2. Popsicles in Sriracha Sauce  

Ice cream with Sriracha, you must be crazy? If that’s what you’re thinking, we tell you we are not. A bizarre combination of a sweet yet hot chilli sauce filled in a frozen popsicle tastes so much better than the regular popsicles.  

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3. Black Cupcakes with pearls

This black beauty can get really fierce if you aren’t careful. The secret hot ingredient: wasabi. Along with some ginger and black sesame seeds on top, these delicious cupcakes will make you smile and cry at the same time. Just be cautious with the amount of wasabi you add.  

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4. Peanut Butter Cookies with spicy honey  

As the name suggests, the hot honey in the otherwise sweet peanut cookies gives it an edge over the regular ones. The spicy honey is a heated mix of chili flakes and sweet honey. You try it once and we bet you would definitely like to bake some more.  

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5. Tabasco Dark chocolate Ice-cream  

A creamy and bitter dark chocolate that leaves you with a heaty aftertaste is the one you’ve been missing out on all this while. Tabasco is spicy hot and so is the smoky chipotle. The idea is to enhance the flavor of the dark chocolate with these spicy elements.  

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From ice creams to cookies, everything can be sugar and spice and everything nice!