Dessert dip as the name suggests is a dip in which you can dip crackers or fruits to give them a sweeter kick. With a cream base, people have come up with a million variations of this delicacy and have added everything from funfetti, sprinkles, chocolate chips to swirls of hot fudge or caramel.

This is a great dessert at adult dinner parties as the dip allows people to keep a check on the sugar in their dessert. Kids love it after all its stuff you can dip in sweetened cream with chocolate in it.

We have listed below a basic recipe and some things you can add to make it a little different.

Classical Dessert Dip

You’ll Need

A cup of cream

A pinch of salt

A tsp of vanilla extract

1-2 tbsp of sugar

A handful of chocolate chips

1 tbsp of butter


1. In a bowl, add the cold cream and start to whip till soft peaks, and add the salt.

2. As you continue to whip till stiff peaks, gradually add the sugar and follow that with the vanilla.  

3. Once whipped, add the melted (but not hot) butter to the bowl and fold gently.

4. Then fold in your chocolate chips and that’s it.

Cinnamon Sugar Dessert Dip

Add a tsp of cinnamon in the whipped cream and swap the regular sugar and chocolate chips for 1 tbsp of brown sugar. And that makes cinnamon sugar dessert dip.

Double Chocolate Dessert Dip

Keeping all the ingredients and steps the same, add 1-2 tsp of sifted cocoa powder to the whipped cream and fold until incorporated.

Dipping Essentials

Every great dessert dip needs a partner, while you can go the basic biscuit and cracker route. A good twist would be to use salty things like pretzels, or nuts, or French fries. The balance between the sweet and savory is so wonderful.