For a coffee lover, a cup of brew can make or break a day. Imagine a brew that is too strong, too sweet, too watery- Devastating, right? Brewing a perfect cup of coffee isn’t easy since each person would have their own set of preferences. But you know what’s better? Having a nice coffee place in the city where you know you’ll never have a bad cuppa. And if you are living in Delhi or visiting one for a few days, you are lucky because the city has got plenty of amazing coffee places to try! 

Here are 7 of the most amazing coffee places in Delhi: 

1. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters 

Coffee lover's haven, Blue Tokai is named after the South Indian term for the tail of a peacock - 'tokai’. The coffee chain has spread rapidly across many Indian states with about 13 outlets in Delhi itself in a short span of time. Everything from their cortado to cappuccino is prepared with the freshest coffee beans picked up from various estates. You can even buy their coffee beans! 

2. Perch 

A charming coffee and wine bar, tucked in the lanes of Khan Market, Perch offers an array of options including blend of Indian coffees besides a single-origin Ethiopian, Indonesian and Columbian. This is a perfect place for those after-work evening dates with a friend or someone special. 

3. The Brew Room 

Nestled amid a host of buzzing cafes in SDA Market, The Brew Room is the perfect place to relax with friends, work or read along with an expansive coffee menu including macchiatos and decadent frappes for company.

4. Café Tesu 

This place at Essex Farms has our hearts for a while now! Be it their coffee concoctions that starts from cappuccino to even whisky barrel coffee, or the Insta-worthy ambience, we are absolutely hooked to this place.  


5. Kaffa Cerrado 

Serving up a mix of coffes made with imported exotic coffee beans or premier Indian coffee, Kaffa Cerrado has been impressing coffee connoisseurs for a while now. You can even get a customised cup of your coffee, exactly the way you like it!  


6. Café Dori 

This expansive restaurant cum retail shop is perfect to unwind over a diverse range of coffee blends to choose from, with select European dishes. Café Dori in Chattarpur with its sombre yet modern look will impress you to no end 


7. The Grammar Room 

A quaint little café beside The Olive in Mehrauli, The Grammer Room overlooking a large green belt of Delhi doesn’t just give you a warm, cosy ambiance but also offers a string of healthy options to choose from along with a cup of select coffee including regional blends like Doraikanal from Tamil Nadu. 


So which one is next on your bucket list?