Most of the dishes from Bihari cuisine are less explored especially those belonging to small regions of the state. Dal Pithi and Pithwa or Pitha are two such delicacies from Bihar that could be eaten as proper meals. Both require basic ingredients and are healthy and easy to make. The two dishes involve almost the same ingredients but taste very different and you'll know how once you try them. Both are dumplings like dishes with similar names. But, Dal Pithi is made with wheat flour and is cooked in dal. On the other hand, Pitha is a dry dish that is made with rice flour with the stuffing of dal. Both are heavy and rich in nutrients. You can have them on their own without any side dish.


To make Pitha, firstly the rice flour is prepared by soaking and making a paste of rice by grinding on rectangular stones known as silauti ( this is the traditional way but you can easily buy rice flour today). For the dal stuffing, chana dal, chillies, ginger, garlic, coriander and other spices with salt are used. Then small chapati-like pieces of rice flour are filled with dal stuffing and sealed from all sides and given the correct shape. The stuffed dumplings are then boiled or steamed and served. One can also go for vegetable stuffings. This dish is dry and could be stored for the next day in the fridge to serve as breakfast or snacks.

Dal Pithi

Also, called Dal Dulhan in Uttar Pradesh, this dish is healthy and easier than Pithwa to make. Recipe: Chapatis are made as usual and small circles are cut out of them. Then comes the fun part. The tiny chapatis are given a flower-like shape and then cooked in already prepared dal until the flowers are ready to eat. All the regular spices (like in the previous recipe) are used and it's served in big bowls. The complementary pickles and garnishing with coriander leaves are optional. One can also use a mix of different dals like masoor and arhar to cook Pithi.

These two dishes are low in oil and spices and have the perfect authentic taste of Bihar. Try these at your home and appreciate the simplicity and deliciousness.