Daiquiri belongs to the family of classic cocktails. The term’ daiquiri’ comes from a small village in Cuba that it's named after. Daiquiri dates back thousands of years ago in Cuba. In order to make this drink, a handful of ingredients are combined together including rum, lime juice, sugar syrup, strained and served. The original daiquiri is made using the best quality of fine, smooth white rum. Usually, to give it a more attractive look and a fruity flavor, natural juices are added such as strawberry, raspberry, bananas or avocados or literally any fruit one might like or prefer. This summer-favorite cocktail comes in three most loved, innovative variations such as hemingway daiquiri, avocado and banana daiquiri. 

Unlike many other cocktails, daiquiri is made with just three simple ingredients you can find easily and has a mind-blowing taste and flavor. This drink is going to find a special place in your heart the very moment you try it. Haven’t got a chance to try this cocktail yet? Worry not and make one instantly at the comfort of your home with some readily available ingredients. 


  1. 60 ml rum 
  2. 20ml lime juice 
  3. 10ml sugar syrup 
  4. 4-5 ice cubes


  1. Pour sugar syrup, lime juice and rum together. Stir well. 
  2. Strain it to a chilled coupe glass filled with ice cubes.
  3. Garnish with lemon wedges or strawberries and serve! 

Your chilled glass of daiquiri is ready for slurping. Hope you have as much drinking as you would have making it. But remember, drink wisely!