The contribution of spices and herbs in Indian cuisine is unmatched. Can you imagine a comforting dal or a mouth-watering curry without spices? And while they add flavour, many spices also lends a host of health benefits to your meal! Cumin or jeera is one such spices in our kitchen cabinet that is an integral part of our meals and pack various health properties. Besides having a sense of versatility, making it a top spice across foods and beverages, cumin has a distinct woody aroma and a unique hot flavour. As per various studies, experts and nutritionists, cumin is rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidants, besides being antibacterial and antiseptic. The black cumin seeds are known to have multiple medicinal oils that can solve numerous health issues. 


Here are 4 excellent benefits of adding cumin to your regular diet: 

1. Boost Digestion 

Haven’t you heard those dadi-Nani ke nuskhe recommending zeera water in the morning to keep tummy woes at bay? Here’s why. As per experts, thymol, a compound found in cumin, helps stimulate the enzymes, enabling better secretion of digestive juices and accelerating digestion. Add it in your chilled glass of shikanji with lemon, sugar and black salt and see the magic work! 

2. Regulates Blood Pressure And Blood Sugar Levels 

A rich source of potassium makes cumin a regulator of blood pressure levels since it balances the negative impact of excessive salt content in the body. Besides this, the fibre content in cumin keeps the sudden spikes of sugar level in check. 

3. Weight Loss 

Besides boosting digestion and enhancing metabolism, cumin is also known to accelerate the fat-burning process. The fibre in cumin also keeps you full for longer and kill unnecessary hunger pangs. 

4. Boost Immunity 

Being an excellent vitamin C and fibre, cumin help builds immunity in the body and keep infections at bay.  

Cumin is a multifaceted spice that can be added to curries, curd, snacks and detox waters to reap its umpteen benefits