If you love potatoes, then there's a super delectable snack you would love to treat yourself to on weekends or when you’re having uncontrollable midday cravings. In the times when you’re feeling down or low, these crispy potato wedges are sure to elevate your mood to your cooking game. Undoubtedly there is a myriad of ways one can make use of potatoes. We Indians can never run out of dishes to make at home, so new recipes are always coming along our way. Making potato wedges is effortless, and you can always create your twists and fun while making them. Please give them a funky shape, infuse more spices and herbs, make peeled or unpeeled wedges. Potato wedges are often considered a popular snack that is served or sold at diners or fast-food restaurants. It’s time to be your chef at your house and make these restaurant-style potato wedges right from your kitchen.

So here’s the recipe you can try experimenting with at home. 


  1. 3-4 potatoes
  2. Oil for frying
  3. Red chilli powder/Chili flakes
  4. Salt as per taste
  5. 2 tablespoon Cornflour

Method for preparation- 

  1. Cut the potatoes into desired shapes. After slicing them into pieces, soak them in chilled water with salt for about 10-15 minutes. Peel the skin off as per your desire.
  2. Grease these raw potato wedges with oil.
  3. Mix the potato wedges with cornflour. After this, refrigerate for almost half an hour.
  4. Take the potato wedges out and get them ready for drying.
  5. Heat a pan with oil and gently start deep-frying these wedges until they turn slightly brownish.
  6. At last, sprinkle some red chilli powder/chilli flakes or even Maggi masala.
  7. Tada! Potato wedges are ready.

Don’t forget to serve and relish these potato wedges with a hot chilli sauce or tomato ketchup.