Is there anything more quick, easy and satisfying than a sandwich? Sandwiches are of many kinds. For the longest time when I was growing up though, I was only aware of the one, the aloo sandwich that my mother would often make using her mini black toaster. It was only during one of our summer vacations that my brother attempted something ‘cool’. He put together his version of a Club Sandwich, where he smeared one slice of bread with butter, another with cheese, in one layer went the omelet, and the last layer comprised of slices of cucumber, onions and tomatoes. He placed his masterpiece in front of me and I muttered, “How am I supposed to fit all of this inside my mouth”. “Of course, you had to ask such an uncouth question”, he shrugged. “This is Club Sandwich”, “Dare you separate the layers”, “Just eat it”, he kept stressing. Of course, over the years, we understood that the recipe was nowhere close to the original. But on that day, I was introduced to the idea of ‘Tall and loaded sandwiches’, just like a bunch of New Yorkers in the late nineteenth century, in the Union Club Of New York City.  

As per legends, the club sandwich may have originated at the Union Club of New York City. The earliest reference could be traced to an article in The Evening World on November 18, 1889. The early recipe of ‘The Union Club sandwich’ was supposed to have two toasted pieces of Graham bread, a layer of Turkey or chicken and ham between them. It was supposed to be served warm. The chef of the Union Club of New York City is also credited as the inventor of the club sandwich.  

However, this popular theory is up for debate. Many experts also claim that the famed sandwich was invented in an exclusive Saratoga Springs, New York, gambling club in the late 19th century, to keep the patrons of the casino fuelled in between there gambling bouts.  

The sandwich became a popular item on US restaurant menus around 1899. Another detailed recipe published in 1897, said that the Club Sandwich should typically have three layers, and the chicken and ham should ideally be separated by a piece of lettuce.  

Nowadays, there are umpteen versions of Club Sandwich, some replace bread with healthier variants like multigrain breads, many like to experiment with the meat.  

Here’s one of our favourite Club Sandwich recipes you must try soon.