Chivda, also called farsan or namkeen, is a widely popular snack in India. But did you know it is extensively available in the United Kingdom as Bombay mix? And the extent of its popularity will amaze you. As per folklores, when the British left India, they carried the recipe of Chivda for the Queen. Yep, you read that right. A widely consumed snack now, Chivda is made of fried peanuts, roasted lentils, curry leaves, and spices. Who wouldn’t love it? The Queen wasn’t an exception, at least not here! She instantly fell in love with Chivda, so much so, that it was reported to be one of her favourite snacks. All the power and the plat du jour are available to her, yet she adds Chivda to the mix.  
Though Chivda is thought to be a source of sustenance and a teatime snack by some Indians, it is considered a truly delicious snack around the world for all purposes. The youngsters love to hide a packet of Chivda in their office drawers when they have to work from 9-5. In many ways, you may even say that Chivda is elegant in its simplicity, and that is why even the Queen loves it!    
Whether there is a large body of evidence which indicates that the British actually took a recipe is a topic worth debating.
 But, it has been reported that Chivda does make rounds during the Queen’s teatime.  
Above all the mousses and scones, the savouriness of this snack does provide a balance when accompanied with tea. It is no wonder that even our mums and dads love it. Look no further than your own kitchen. There must be a packet of Chivda lying somewhere which combines the goodness of nutrients and flavour. Above all, Chivda is the ultimate food which will keep you wanting for more!  
Whether you are in love with your Bua’s recipe of Chivda, or the store-bought kind, we are sure that nobody has gotten away from the packet without finishing till the last bit!