You can also use frozen cherries as ice cubes or try to freeze natural cherries. This will prevent your drink from becoming liquid when you are sitting in the heat. Moreover, you can also use canned cherries. 

Cherry vodka is a perfect relaxing drink that contains low calories. Read this quick recipe to make it yourself.


2 ½ oz cherry-infused vodka ( you can also use regular vodka )

One lemon juice

12 oz sparkling lemon water

Grenadine as per taste

Frozen cherries

Handful of ice


  • In a large skillet, pour 7-8 ice cubes with large amounts of grenadine syrup. Now, add vodka and one whole lemon juice.
  • Place the filling in a cocktail shaker and shake the cocktail liquid vigorously for 10 to 20 seconds. If the outside of your shaker is cold, the liquid inside will also be cold.
  • Pour unsweetened cherries with 2-4 pieces of ice into a glass. 
  • Now pour cocktail liquid with ice cubes and cherries into a glass. Add sparkling lemon water and the remaining cherries to the glass. Stir the drink and enjoy.

Since vodka is usually served immediately, enjoy drinking it quickly. However, you can store it in the freezer. Since many coolers do not allow the entire vodka bottle to stand upright, be sure to seal it in a small bottle.

This cherry vodka gives a strong taste of sweetness and sourness, hence it’s good to pair it up with barbeque dishes. Smokey chicken or pork can go well with this drink and makes the meal perfect.

Don’t You Always Want More Of It? Feel free to experiment with this vodka recipe.