If not for the regular delivery of pizza during the pandemic, we couldn’t have sailed through the highs and lows of the past year. Don’t you agree?

Chef Vikramjit sure knows it the best and has definitely reaped the benefit of our cravings. Why else would he, despite the challenges which have closed down so many restaurants, go ahead and launch Woke Pizza? Now, chef Vikramjit is no angel. But he is definitely one of the most formidable people in the industry today. During the pandemic, he also successfully launched Hello Panda – a Pan-Asian venture in Gurgaon. Then came the news about two more launches. The team of Hello Panda returned with Park Street Rolls and Biryani, and Ginger Garlic. Now, hold on. The chef has rolled out another surprise amid the pandemic. 

On May 19, Chef Vikramjit announced the following in a Facebook post


Slowly but surely, some chefs continue to amaze the customers despite the bad situations! And Chef Vikramjit is exactly that. A research pro, who believed that he must come up with a ground-breaking concept, he chose pizza to be his next venture as it is so versatile. One has a lot of room to experiment with the flavors, the balance of ingredients, crust, sauces and toppings, and even the dough. That is why the venture is raising so much excitement because of the months of research that went into the making of the pizza brand. The imagination can be well-seen in the menu that offers an array of pizza toppings and the perfect leopard-spotting on the base which is made from unbleached flour. Sample the best of the genius that Chef Vikramjit is. There are dishes such as tangria chilli chicken pizza, mutton seekh kebab pizza, (kee) maa pizza, and pesto chicken pizza. Even the risotto a la Bengal and mac and cheese with truffle pate are giving us something to anticipate about!

Woke Pizza is delivering through multiple food applications. There is such a pizza with bhot jolokia sauce, and we would love to know how you find it!