We all know chefs are the artists of the kitchen. For them, it’s all about creating magic on the plate with everything they can find their kitchen cabinets. The chocolate Eiffel tower or the Golden boy burger which broke the World Record is proof. And the Internet has always been amazed with these marvelous creations. This time what took away the netizen’s breath is Chef Vikas Khanna’s replica of Van Gogh’s Sunflower. 

For those living under a rock, Sunflower is one of the five most famous paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. An artist of the 18th century, Van Gogh’s painting symbolized the variations a single colour (in this case yellow) could produce. The Dutch painter’s art piece became an inspiration for Chef Vikas Khanna’s latest creation. 

Recently, he took to Twitter and Instagram to share a video of his dish. The beautiful resemblance of the Sunflower painting by Van Gogh attracted several eyeballs. The 29-second video gave us a detailed view of the different elements of the dish, making us inquisitive about what it is since the caption briefly mentions, “If Vincent Van Gogh was a Chef. #SunFlowers”. 

                Source: Vikas Khanna/Twitter 

With over 8.1k views on Twitter and over one million views on Instagram, the netizens have showered it with loads of love and praise. Users’ comments appreciate the chef’s culinary skills and are amazed at his artwork. An Instagram user, @michoooo_44 wrote, “If Vincent van Gogh was a chef he'd be proud to create and exhibit a Vikas Khanna creation on Instagram”. Another user on Twitter expressed her happiness over the expertise of the chef and called him “one of the best culinary artist in the world”. 

This has made us so curious that we really want to know the recipe of this dish, don’t you?