But not anymore! Recently, Chef Saransh Goila, of the Goila butter chicken fame, took to his Instagram to share a great immunity-boosting drink and we’re so relieved. His version of a Haldi Nimbu Paani is supposed to make all the difference. 

What’s so special about this drink?  

          Source: Chef Saransh Goila/Instagram

Goila understands that it’s not easy for us to drink the hot kadha in this sweltering heat. So, he decided to come to our rescue with this immunity-boosting version of our humble Nimbu Paani. While honey and lemon are the basic ingredients for this drink, its Haldi that is the star of the show. “Balance the slight haldi bitterness with lemon and honey. Beat the heat while haldi produces heat black pepper is cooling and helps you absorb all the goodness of haldi. This is a concentrate recipe for you to store in fridge and make 6-8 glasses”, shares Goila in his caption.  

In case you are not a fan of strong and sharp flavours like the chef, you can always make it sweeter or tangier according to your preferences and still reap all its benefits. He also suggests in his post how amla could be a good substitute for lemon to make your drink to your liking.  

While he enjoys his daily dose of immunity in the morning, you can add this tasty drink to your plan too. Here’s how. Take some turmeric roots, cumin, ginger, black salt, pink salt, lemon and honey. Blend all these to form a paste. Take a glass of water and add a little of this paste to it. Mix and drink up!