No matter what your age is, which part of India you are, or what time of the day it is, Chaas or buttermilk is the only constant in your life during summers. Made with a variety of ingredients in different parts of the country, Chaas is a yogurt-based drink that comes to our rescue when the summer sun knocks us for six. It not only has a good, pungent taste but is full of probiotics, hydrates, and relieves us from fatigue and profuse sweating in summers. Although it shares the base ingredient with Lassi, it is extremely light on our stomach and is gut-friendly. Apart from the base ingredient yogurt, people from various parts of the country try to elevate its flavour and aroma by adding ingredients of their own choice. Here are 5 Chaas recipes you can try at home to soothe your mind, body and soul during summers. 

1. Masala Chaas
The classic Chaas recipe of North India, Masala Chaas is made with basic ingredients like yogurt, roasted cumin powder, black pepper, salt, and some herbs. Highly common in most Indian households, Masala Chaas fills our palate with a subtle flavour.

2. Smoked Chaas

Give a smokey twist to your regular Chaas and enjoy it on your barbeque day. Place a small bowl with burnt charcoal in your Chaas container, pour some ghee over it, and cover the container with a cling wrap for about 5 minutes. Pour it in a glass and garnish it with some herbs of your choice.

3. Ghola Dahi

An Odia drink, Ghola Dahi is made with various spices, ginger, green chillies, curry leaves, and some herbs and is churned with a wooden stick. With all the base ingredients in common, Ghola Dahi has a bit more zing than the regular Chaas. 

4. Carrot Chaas

If you want to pack some fiber into your regular Chaas, add some grated carrots to your regular Chaas to make it more nutritious. Almost similar to the regular Chaas in terms of flavour, Carrot Chaas has a different mouth-feel due to the chunks of the vegetable. 

5. Mint-Coriander Chaas

Grind some mint leaves, coriander leaves, and green chillies, and add them to your regular Chaas to give it a minty flavour. The herb addition fills your palate with incredible flavours and aroma along with enriching the drink with anti-inflammatory properties. You can skip the chilies if you prefer less spicy.

If you are on a diet and want something healthy and filling during summers, Chaas is a must-have for you. You can try these Chaas recipes to give your palate a flavour variation and ditch the summer woes.