There are few things in life that you enjoy more than being on the dance floor, like sipping a glass of refreshing cocktail sitting on your sofa. As this pandemic situation has made going out and clubbing almost impossible. So, let’s bring the party to your roof. 

Are you also the one who gets confused between cilantro and coriander?

You are not alone, this common confusion between cilantro and coriander comes to everyone’s mind. Although both products are made from the same plant, they have different uses and flavors. Cilantro is the leaves and stem of coriander. When a plant blooms and becomes a seed, the seed is called a coriander seed. In Spanish, cilantro is used for coriander.

In many Asian and Mexican dishes, cilantro is used, especially in salsa. Fresh green coriander leaves and serrated cilantro are also used together in most dishes. In many Asian recipes, cilantro can be referred to as Chinese parsley.

You need two main ingredients for this cocktail drink: celery and cilantro. To make this cocktail, buy the other given ingredients and take out 10 minutes to prepare it.


1/4 cup chopped cilantro

3 tbsp fresh lime juice

1 oz lemon vodka

5 inch piece celery

1 tbsp water

2 tbsp seltzer

A handful of ice


  • Combine the celery and cilantro in a glass or pitcher and pour over lemon vodka, lime juice and water.
  • Pass through a fine strainer to a glass with ice cubes and pour into a glass.
  • Garnish with celery and cilantro, maybe even a lemon slice.

Make this drink at home and turn on your dancing mood.