People who have incorporated celery into their daily diet can tell you about the benefits they derive from it. Similarly, the root of the celery plant, commonly known as celeriac, has numerous health benefits. However, many people aren’t even aware of its existence, let alone its benefits. It also has a versatile flavour profile and can be incorporated into your diet easily like any other root vegetable—all you need to know about celeriac.


Packed with fibre and essential vitamins like K, B6, and C, celeriac is packed with nutritional value. Being extremely low in calories, celeriac is a perfect addition to a calorie deficit diet. However, it is advised to consume celeriac in raw form as boiling can cause nutrition loss. It is proven that boiling celeriac can result in loss of Vitamin C by around 50%. Along with these, celeriac is also full of antioxidants, manganese, phosphorus, and potassium.


1. Full of antioxidants and vitamin C, celeriac can strengthen your immune system and is capable of fighting inflammatory ailments.

2. Celeriac is high in vitamin K and potassium, which are essential for maintaining healthy heart health by building up calcium in blood vessels.

3. As celeriac is high in dietary fibre, it can improve digestion, maintain bowel movements, and boost metabolism.

4. Vitamin K results in calcium absorption, thus, strengthening your bones and preventing bone loss. High vitamin K content in celeriac can improve bone health too.


As celeriac is a root vegetable, one must clean and wash it before using it. In addition, you need to remove the rough skin before serving it, either cooked or raw. You can use it raw in salads or slaws and can also cook it and use it as an alternative to mashed potatoes. You can also roast it and make a puree out of it to use as a dip. Celeriac can also be baked just like potatoes.

Although celeriac is exceptionally nutritious, one must use it in limited quantities. Pregnant women, people with diuretic problems and blood clotting disorders should consult a doctor before consuming it.