Recently, Gigi Hadid entered the kitchen to make her secret pasta recipe and everyone on Instagram went gaga over it.   

Here’s how you can make it too:   

Just so you know, it's not an elaborate recipe so your meal will be ready in 20 minutes.   

To make Spicy Vodka Pasta,   

  • -First, add some oil and some garlic and sliced onion to it. Add salt and pepper to taste.  

  • -Then add tomato paste to the pan and cook to caramelize.   

  • -Then add a little bit of vodka if you like. This is not necessary.   

  • -Pour some heavy cream and chilli flakes when the mixture has dried.   

  • -Stir till it becomes a thick paste with medium consistency. Add salt and pepper once you put it off the heat.   

  • -Boil the pasta and retain some of the pasta water   

  • -Add pasta, pasta water, butter, and stir   

  • -You may add some cheese to make it more creamy  

  • -Add some salt and pepper to taste, if desired.   


Pro Tips:   

  • 1. You can use whatever pasta shape you like. All of them cook well.  

  • 2. It is not necessary to add vodka. The pasta tastes really well without it too.   

  • 3. The sauce will take quite some time to achieve that creamy texture so don’t fret.   


After Gigi Hadid shared these on her Instagram stories, there was an upsurge in Tik Tok videos and people simply loved it. A lot of them expressed this as a comforting yet delicious pasta recipe that could be made in a jiffy without worrying about the ingredients, as they are so inexpensive and easily available.