When I learned about caviar on sushi, I was amused at first. What is caviar, even?  On searching, I found that caviar is eaten relatively often and considered to be an indulgence. However, caviar has been a traditional delicacy since the time of Ancient Greeks and Romans. Next thing you know, everyone wants to mesmerize over it. All caviar is roe, which means fish eggs. It is just that the roe which is more difficult to procure - roe from wild sturgeon in the Caspian Sea and Black sea, is called caviar.   

You know the orange, pearl-like, and shiny art on sushi - that is roe technically. While not everyone can afford caviar, in China, people eat trout roe with sour cream on bread. You may have to loosen a few purse strings to buy caviar, but if you like what you have read so far, perhaps you must give it a try.  

Caviar on sushi has become LA's most beloved way to enjoy caviar. Usually, it was spread on bread along with sour cream or served with crackers. But now there's more craze over caviar on sushi. Not only sushi, but people also put caviar on pancakes and serve it with creme fraiche. Caviar on sushi has become a decadent experience today. Here's another interesting fact about caviar: when the fish eggs rub against each other, they practically make a noise that you can hear. It is kind of similar to a cat's purr! 

Do check whether any of your city restaurants have plans of offering the experience to the guest. Perhaps not on sushis or pancakes, but a caviar tasting could be possible.