While we still have our reservations about a range of fad diets, there is something about the keto diet that makes us want to read up more and more and more about it. On one hand, there are certified nutritionists who have deemed the diet ‘unsustainable’ and ‘unfit’ for a longer run, on the other hand, there are celebrities like Huma Qureshi, LeBron James, Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian who have beenrather vocal about their love for going ‘Keto’.  

What Is Ketogenic Diet?  

For the uninitiated, ketogenic diet is a diet that focuses on eating high-fat food and limiting the intake of carbohydrates so that the body starts burning fats instead of carbohydrates for fuel. This state is known as ketosis. Ketogenic diet was originally introduced as a diet for epileptic patients, but over the years it has been linked to have promising effect on those trying to lose weight or struggling with PCOS and diabetes. Ketogenic diet is incomplete without adequate protein intake, and some fibre-rich foods are also encouraged. If you are planning to go keto for the first time, it is advisable that you have a proper diet chart by a dietician or an expert.  

What Is Cauli Rice? Why Does It Deserve Your Undivided Attention  

Since carbs are out of question in a ketogenic diet, what happens to those who are ardent rice lovers? You would be happy to know that several ketogenic alternatives have come about in recent years that are not only low in carbohydrates but incredibly flavourful. Cauli flower rice or cauli rice is a fine example. Cauli rice is essentially a cauliflower head that has been minced finely in a mixer or a blender/ food processor. This fine mix of cauliflower coupled with a smattering of olive oil and herbs (optional) work as a fine substitute of rice. It is low in carbs, calories and fat.  It is also rich in fibre and has a low glycemic index making it ideal for those with diabetes.

Cauli rice can be paired with any curry, gravy, sabzi or stew. Here is a detailed recipe you may enjoy.