From Kaju Katli to Kaju rolls, the ever-so-popular cashew nuts have been featured in so many desserts that now people look at them with a pretty unhealthy eye. This tree nut from Brazil is now easily available in several parts of the world and has contributed to the enhanced flavours of many dishes, both sweet and savoury. Did you think Kaju was capable of just that? It has so many health benefits that would be an eye-opener for you.   

1. Low in sugar and rich in fiber  

Since a fiber-rich diet is good for preventing a spike in blood sugar levels, cashew nuts can be a great way to control that. Moreover, combined with the low sugar factor, this becomes a good choice when it comes to diabetics. 

2. Gives a healthy skin   

Apart from coconut and almond oil, cashew oil is great for the skin. Extracted from the cashew seeds, the oil contains selenium which, along with other phytochemicals lends a beautiful glow to your skin.   

3. Aids the weight loss journey   

You might not want to believe this fact and we get it. Due to the age-old myth attached to cashew nuts, most people tend to avoid them when they are trying to lose weight. Given the fats and protein present in these nuts, it is considered a no-no. But according to the Journal of Nutrition, research shows reverse effects. Eating whole cashew nuts allows the body to absorb only a small percentage of the fat that is good from a nutritional point of view. Avoiding ground cashew nuts or a paste is better.   

4. Keeps the heart healthy   

Full of antioxidants, cashews can be a great way to lower cholesterol, as shown by studies conducted by the National Centre for Biotechnology and Information (NCBI). They also prevent free radical activity, keeping oxidative stress in check.   

You can add cashews to your diet in various ways.   

  • Make a cashew butter that you can spread on toast or mix in your yoghurt.   
  • Eat whole, unsalted, raw cashew nuts.   
  • Add it to your soups and stews. You can also add them to your salad bowl to give an additional crunch.