Are you the one blessed with an unbelievable appetite and an amazing metabolism too?  Are you the one always up for everything from gol gappa challenge to pizza challenge? Then this Indian restaurant in England is exactly where you should head to next. Lily’s Vegetarian Indian Cuisine in Ashton, Greater Manchester is serving what it calls the "Grand Thali" and has created a perfect challenge around it for foodies. The thali is served on a 24-inch platter with an assortment of 50 dishes, but the catch is to finish the thali within one hour! Yes, you read that right.  

This challenge is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The official page of Lily’s shared a photo of the giant thali on Facebook, and we spotted some of the most delicious delicacies from the Indian cuisine. With an assortment of rotis, three types of rice, 16 varieties of curries and sabji, three dips, six desserts, two lassis, and two savoury snacks, the thali is a dream come true for Indian food lovers. The picture shared by the page said, “some spicy, some sweet, curries, chaats, naan, roti, rice, dals, Indo-Chinese, desserts, lassi”. Seems like you get a bit of all! If you finish it all in an hour, not only do you get your money back, but also a Lily’s T-shirt. The thali is priced at £35 (Rs 3,611).

As per the page, three foodies went up against each other on August 4 to take on the challenge too. However, the thali proved too big a challenge for all three. But on August 8, a YouTuber Kyle Gibsom not only took the challenge but also completed it in an hour! The restaurant's page had several live videos from Gibson’s challenge where we can see him chomping down bowl after bowl with the several glasses of water in between. Take a look: 


Kyle is seen making wraps out of the curries and assortment of rotis n the thali, nice idea to nosh it off quickly we must say! And all it took him to finish the massive thali was 41 minutes, not even a complete hour, post which the chef asks if he wants another thali since he has time left! The owner asks him how he liked the food and if while eating quickly he was able to find different flavours. Kyle says the food was amazing and in particular he loved the desserts! He too took to his Facebook page to share about the challenge, take a look: 


In another post, the restaurant said that none of the dishes ever go to waste in case the participant is unable to finish the challenge. “All participants enter on their own accord and take home the food they haven't managed to finish in the given hour. They can share this with their friends and family, so please rest assured no food is being wasted,” they wrote.

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