Disinfectants, germ killers, sanitizers are a few terms we use quite a lot these days. These have become our lifelines, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the beginning of the pandemic, we all witnessed a haywire situation where everyone was in fear and we had a shortage of almost every essential item including disinfectants. What if we say your ideal non-toxic disinfectant is already present in your kitchen? Surprised? Don’t be.

Vinegar is your home cleanser and germ killer that can save you from various infections and other health issues. This safe alternative for home disinfectants contains a volatile organic acid called acetic acid that has strong antifungal and antibacterial effects. Additionally, it contains amino acids, polyphenolic compounds, and nonvolatile organic acids. According to a research published in the American Society for Horticultural Science, vinegar has antimicrobial effects. It can inhibit the growth of P. chrysogenum, a fungus usually found in water-damaged buildings. 

A Japanese study had once revealed that vinegar kills food-borne pathogenic bacteria. It is effective against most other bacteria too. Another research published in the journal PLoS has found that the use of diluted vinegar can disinfect surfaces with the influenza A virus. 

The above findings prove that vinegar does serve as a perfect home cleaner. You can use it to make your utensils look sparkling clean. Running your coffee machine filled with distilled vinegar can help you get rid of the accumulated minerals. 

Moreover, vinegar would become a natural non-toxic floor cleaner if you mix half a cup of white distilled vinegar with half a gallon of hot water. You can use it for mopping tiles. It should not be used on the wooden floor as its acidic nature can damage the floor. 

Vinegar acts as a stain remover and carpet deodorizer too. Just mix equal parts of distilled vinegar and water and wash your stained cloth or carpet with it. You will soon realize that the stain and smell are no longer there.