The mere mention of butter chicken is quite enough for anyone to drool! A hot favourite amongst desi chicken lovers all across the world today, the origins of butter chicken, however, lie closer to home. As the popular story goes, butter chicken was invented by Kundan Lal Gujral as a way to reuse leftover tandoori chicken. He tossed it in a basic gravy with tomatoes, butter, cream and some spices, and lo and behold- he invented a dish that would eventually become a global phenomenon. Yes, it took just these handful of ingredients to make a delicacy that has even the world-renowned chefs slurping!   

Delhi, the food capital of India, can be easily called the home of butter chicken. KL Gujral moved here after partition and immortalized the creamy delicacy! So much so, that there are a host of restaurants serving lip-smacking butter chicken and we can’t keep calm.  

So, if you are someone whose comfort food is literally a bowlful of butter chicken, we know where to get your cravings fixed!

1. Moti Mahal Delux

The place where it all started! For a true-blue butter chicken lover, a trip to Moti Mahal is a must. This is where KL Gujral invented butter chicken and started a legacy of culinary art that is difficult to mimic. 

Where: Moti Mahal Restaurant - 3704 Netaji Subhash Marg, Near Chandni Chowk, Daryaganj


2. Havemore

Ask a butter chicken lover the best places for it in Delhi and without batting an eyelid, you would hear about Havemore! And the many awards and recognitions hanging at the entrance of this cozy place at Pandara Road, will perhaps explain why.

Where: Have More Restaurant - 11-12, Pandara Road Market


3. Daryaganj

Not to confuse with the bustling market in old Delhi, but the Daryanganj restaurant that has opened several outlets across the city, offers the flavours of old Delhi for sure. Daryaganj's USP is their butter chicken and dal makhani that they claim to have the original recipe of. And that has created quite a buzz in the city!

Where: Daryaganj - Regal Building, Connaught Circle, Hanuman Road Area, CP


4. Made In Punjab

What else do you expect from a place with that name? A delicious, rustic and delightful butter chicken definitely tops the list, besides some other lip-smacking delicacies from North India!

Where: DLF Mall Of India, Noida

5. Rajinder Da Dhaba

Started as a small eatery, Rajinder Da Dhaba has now expanded to a decent restaurant spread across a massive place in South Delhi, all thanks to the huge popularity that it has gained over the years. While it boasts of multiple other dishes such as chicken kebabs and galouti kebabs, a bowl of butter chicken with naan is all you need to satiate your cravings.

Where: Rajinder Da Dhaba - AB 14, Safdarjung Enclave Market, Safdarjung


6. Punjab Restaurant

Set in the midst of bustling Yusuf Sarai Market, Punjab restaurant has a separate fan base when it comes to its mouth-watering butter chicken. And the people who live around, will swear by it! If you just want to indulge in a plate of creamy butter chicken and not care about the ambiance much, Punjab restaurant can be your go-to spot.

Where: Kaluram Shopping Complex, Mehrauli Gali, Ward Number 3, Roopam Wala Kunwa, Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi 110016

7. Kake Da Hotel

One place every butter chicken lover would have tried, Kake Da Hotel in the heart of Delhi is a tiny place that can easily be blamed for the traffic jam in Connaught Place during weekends! Foodies would throng the place and park their cars around till their creamy serving of butter chicken arrives.

Where: Kake Da Hotel - 67 Municipal Market, Connaught Circle, CP


8. Gulati 

A haven for Butter Chicken, Gulati Restaurant is located in the central locality Pandara Market, and is approximately four decades old. The North Indian restaurant offers a rich and creamy Butter Chicken, making it a hotspot for various celebrities. Its interior and ambience exude luxury yet ikt is quite moderately prices with a generous serving.  

Where: Gulati Restaurant - 6, Pandara Road Market


9.  National Restaurant

Another popular dhaba located in the central Delhi area of CP, and one can perhaps call it the lesser-known cousin of Kake Da Hotel. Their Butter Chicken served with fluffy Butter Naans is truly amazing, and a combo youjust can’t miss! Your eating ettiquetes can take a backseat here, unline other butter chicken haunts such as Javemore or Gulati. Smear and lick the gravy as much as you want from your hands, we know you just can’t resist. 

Where: National Restaurant - 82/83 Municipal Market, CP

10. Sandoz

A pretty famous chain of restaurants that’s been popping up in and around the city for quite a while, Sandoz has definitely grown bigger and better from how it started as a small dhaba. The selection of dishes over here is sure to win any north Indian cuisine lover. And for butter chicken lovers, Sandoz is indeed a paradise! Pair it with their kurkura naan, and you are sure to slip into food coma.  

Where: Sandoz - Lajpat Nagar III, Nehru Place, Gole Market & Other Outlets


11. Minar 

Another one from the oldest lot of Connaught Place, Minar has a loyal fanbase since decades that keeps increasing, and it's not without a reason. There Butter Chicken speaks for itself, thick and creamy and absolutely delicious pair the curry with Lachcha Paratha and you won’t need a thing in this world.  

Where: Minar - No.L-11, Radial Road Number 6, CP 

How many of these have you ticked off from your list already?