There is a certain misconception around gluttons of our kinds. Rich kormas, loaded biryanis or bulky pizzas do reserve a special corner in our hearts, but oftentimes, the highlight of our day could be simple toast, or a dip or well-cooked khichdi, for that matter. Food need not be complicated; it just needs to touch a chord. Take buns, for instance, it is not even an Indian 'thing' to begin with. The Portuguese brought the breads to India, in fact, they introduced us to the whole idea of leavened, fermented dough that could be used to make bread and similar bakery items. Soon India also became privy to buns and paos and local vendors, restaurants and bakeries were quick to adapt this peculiar baked item in their dishes. I mean it takes a genius mind to conceive a dish that is essentially just a soft, slightly sweet bun with a stuffing of hot and juicy keema? Bun keema is a very popular dish across West India that will delight meat-lover of all kinds. 

Bun Maska And Chai For The Win

If keema bun is ‘too much’ for you, then should we shift focus on something even simpler but equally iconic? 'Bun Maska' is essentially, bun with a dash of butter or maska, making it even more tender, and once you dip it in your chai, you are just unlocking new levels of pillowy softness. ‘Bun maska’ is typically a morning treat, and while you may like to think that ‘Bun Maska and Chai’ is again a ‘Mumbai’ thing, you would find devout fans of Bun Maska is as far as Lucknow and even Delhi. Several chai ki tapris have stacks of buns right at the front of their stall, all you need is to request them to toast it with butter and you are good to go.  

Buns For Breakfast, Yes, Please!

It is interesting to note how most these ‘bun dishes’ are meant to be breakfast items, whereas the demand of ‘pavs’ is beyond these time bounds. ‘Bun Omelette’ is another spectacular breakfast item which features our buttery buns again, but with the addition of a quick omelette. Chutney, ketchup, tomatoes, cilantro make occasional appearances, giving our groggy mornings a flavourful start, it deserves.  

When Buns Came With A Political 'Tadka'

If you desire a little more drama, we urge you to travel a little south and try the Khara Bun Congress of Bangalore. Yes, that is a peculiar name, and yes, the reason is almost fascinating as the dish itself. When the Congress party split in two in the year 1969, a special peanut masala was named Congress peanuts, because it required splitting the peanuts into two. The Khara Bun Congress is stuffed with a spicy mixture comprising this peanut masala. Also known as KBC, this street food remains a popular choice till date.


Did we miss out on your favourite bun combination? Do let us know. Till then you can enjoy this special recipe of bun kebab.