We are enjoying every bit of the weather right now, the nip in the air, the clattering sound of rain, the sweet smell of soaked mud, the bhuttas, the pakoras- everything. How we wish we could say the same about our throats too, which has been weird for a couple of days. Sore throat, cold and cough are common in Monsoon. The only problem is that these are also the symptoms of COVID 19, therefore, to save yourself the sleepless nights of overthinking, we have brought you one of the most trusted home remedy for cold in North India. Mulethi tea is a simple herbal tea that is brewed with Mulethi or liquorice roots or powder. It has strong antioxidant properties that fights dangerous free radical activity. The tea is very beneficial for diabetics too. Since it is antiseptic in nature it helps calm the stomach and heal you from within.  

Why Is Liquorice effective for cold and cough?  

Liquorice is an excellent expectorant; it could help decongest your nose while also preventing more mucus formation. The antioxidants help boost immunity, while the anti-inflammatory properties soothe discomfort.  

Liquorice tea also helps boost your oral hygiene. So, you can try drinking this tea even when you are not down with cold for its multifarious benefits.  

How To Make Liquorice or Mulethi Tea?

Just boil two glasses of water with two-three medium-sized roots. Add some chopped ginger for added benefits. Mix in honey later for taste, consume hot.  

This tea is only a means to boost your immunity and is in no way a substitute to prescribed medicines. If your symptoms persist for a longer duration, and is also accompanied with fever and other problems, it is advised that you take medical help at the earliest.