Sawan fasting can be made fun and wholesome too so you don’t really faint at the end of the day because, well, it is a festival and you are supposed to enjoy as well. There are alternatives to regular foods that you can include in your vrat-friendly meal plan of the day to keep yourself energized. Besides fruits and milk, there are simple ingredients that you can replace your regular ingredients with and make delectable delicacies. Kuttu or buckwheat flour, for instance, is one that gains prominence across restaurants and Indian kitchens as the fasting season comes near. It is known to be one of the best alternatives to regular flour thanks to its versatility. Kuttu does not come from the same family as wheat and is not a cereal grain, this is the reason why it is permissible to consume during festive fasting.  

And if you think kuttu is exclusive to Indian cuisine, you’ve probably not had Japanese Soba Noodles which are made from buckwheat. On top of that, what makes it even more beneficial for fasting menu is the fact that it is wholesome and comes packed with various nutrients. While it is gluten free, kuttu is rich in most essential amino acids, fibre and minerals. No wonder it becomes so popular during the time of fasting.  

If you too are planning your vrat-friendly meal and wish to include it in your diet, we’ve got some recipes for you to try!

1. Kuttu Paneer Wrap

Wholesome, delicious and vrat-friendly, what else do you need? This wrap is a perfect mix of grated carrots, protein-rich paneer, lightly spiced with rock salt and green chillies. This could be a great breakfast option or an evening snack.

2. Kuttu Atta Kachori

Crispy, spicy and full of flavour, kachoris are hard to resist. And once you crave it, you just can’t stop. So here we have a vrat-friendly kachori that you can even relish while fasting. Made with kuttu flour and mashed potatoes, these kachoris are a delight to relish.

3. Kuttu Dhokla

Feathery light and delicious, dhoklas are a favourite of many. More so because these could be made vrat-friendly too. With just four ingredients at hand- buckwheat, curd, green chilli and ginger paste, you can prepare yummy vrat-friendly dhoklas at home.

4. Kuttu Dosa

Start your day with wholesome dhoklas made with kuttu flour and you’ll be set for the day!

So which recipe are you going to try next?