All the K-Pop fans listen up! A huge ‘dynamite’ is coming to India. And the explosion will bring us pure bliss and nothing less than that.

It’s like the universe has finally heard the calls of the Indian ARMY as their favorite boyband is coming to India, albeit in form a delicious meal. Intrigued much? The fast-food giant McDonald’s has recently collaborated with the popular sensation South K-pop band BTS to offer fans a limited-edition meal. The “BTS Meal” has already started its sale from May 26 in the United States which will then become the first Famous Order in McDonald’s history to go on a global “tour,” spanning nearly 50 countries and six continents. 

So, here’s where and when you’ll be able to get all your happiness in one ‘happy meal’

When is McDonald’s BTS meal available?

McDonald’s special BTS-inspired meal will be available from 04 June until 04 July 2021 across West and South India and can be enjoyed through multiple channels including delivery, dine-in, takeout and on-the-go in due accordance with government’s guidelines.

What’s in the BTS McDonald’s meal?

In a promotional video for the BTS Meal, the boys revealed their fond memories associated with their fast-food chain and how the franchise has incorporated their memories in the meal. Jin one of the members of the band recalled that it was their go-to place whenever they felt hungry.

And thus, the meal comes with their signature order—featuring 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium World-Famous Fries, medium Coke, and Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces inspired by recipes from McDonald’s South Korea which is also included in this delicious delight.

So, what are your plans this June cause it’s a meal that we can’t miss out.