Since the morning meal is kind of a deal maker or breaker, its imperative to have a nutritious and filling breakfast. Skipping it or just grabbing an apple won’t do the job. Sometimes, you need some tasty whose aroma makes your eyes light up and keeps you in a good mood until lunch (atleast). For earning your bread and butter, you need to have some too. Not just a simple toast with jam or cheese. Instead, nicely-stuffed proper sandwich. Now you’d say who’s got the time? From this moment on, you do. 

Here are six breakfast sandwich recipes for a quick and tasty fix for your growling tummy. 

1. Eggs Kejriwal Sandwich 

A sandwich that was devised at the Willingdon Club, Eggs Kejriwal has become popular choice across southern Mumbai. Originally, it was fried eggs on toast with lots of green chilies but this recipe lets you add tomatoes and cheese too. 

2. Toasted Reuben Sandwich 

A New Yorker by origin, this sandwich consists of rye bread that is stuffed with corned beef, oodles of Swiss cheese and some cabbage with Greek yoghurt and Worcestershire sauce. Toast it until it appears golden and enjoy. 

3.  ABC Sandwich 

This sandwich is as simple to make as it sounds. Got some Apple, Bacon and Cheese in your fridge? Good, because that’s all you’ll need. 

4.  Chickpea Salad Sandwich


This is a vegan’s delight. Instead of chicken, chickpeas make a great salad and stuffed in a sandwich bun, oh so good. 

5. Chicken and Almond Finger Sandwich

Bite-sized finger sandwiches with the goodness of almond and the protein of chicken.