The traditional way of eating at home is to serve and eat your food off a plate. That’s how tables are laid out, with cutlery carefully placed around the plate, at home as well as in restaurants. It is believed to be the correct and elegant way of eating your food. But research suggests otherwise.  

Just like it has been established in the past that the color, the texture and the appearance of the dish can influence the taste and overall experience of the meal. Similarly, the containers in which the food is served also plays a crucial role in how you perceive the food on your table. Through surveys and studies, it has been found that eating the same food from a bowl tastes better than when eating off a plate.  

Here are 3 reasons why this is true.  

1. Bowls tend to make all meals comfort food

No matter what you are eating, whether it’s a salad or a nice mac and cheese, eating them out of a bowl tends to make you feel really warm since you are holding the bowl in your hand. This warmth extends the feelings of comfort and coziness which ultimately enhances your food experience. Additionally, you can carry your bowl anywhere, from the couch to your bed and still now worry about dropping anything which puts you at ease.  

2. Eating from a bowl makes you feel satisfied

An expert in the psychology of taste from University of Oxford has suggested that bowls without rims give us a sense that there is more food in it than a large plate with the same portion size. When you hold the bowl in your hand, you feel a sense of contentment and satisfaction due to the weight of the bowl as well as the fact that the food in a rimless bowl seems to be filled till the edge.  

3. The food looks good, giving a sense of nourishment.  

This is true. So, for instance, something like Buddha bowls have a carb, a protein and a green veggie. Coming together in a bowl brings out their colors so well that they appear very appetizing. This also adds to the fact that since all the food is close together to each other that it by the end of the meal, you feel full, satisfied and nourished.  

Do you think you’ll try eating out everything off a bowl from today?