Black velvet and root beer: Haven't you got a chance to go to a restaurant or a bar lately and miss enjoying cocktails or mocktails? We've got you covered with just another drink you might have been longing for. Black velvet, a beer cocktail, is sure to satisfy you with its immense blend of perfect ingredients used to put together this drink. As surprising and easy as this might sound, to make black velvet, one must combine just two of the top-most used and desired ingredients that include pouring equal portions of stout and champagne. The rich history is enough to grab anyone's attention and lure one into trying out this drink with such a contrasting name that this cocktail holds. Black velvet hails back from the days when neither of us existed, during the mid 18th century. A bartender created another cocktail in London to show respect and mourn the death of Britain's former queen, Queen Victoria's Prince consort. The black colour that appears due to ‘stout’ symbolises the black armbands worn by the mourners. This cocktail packs a creamy, sweet yet pungent flavor and is served straight up in a pilsner glass without ice cubes. 

So are you ready to make another beer cocktail? Follow all the steps below to make a 2-ingredient beer cocktail at home.


  1. 30ml stout
  2. 30ml champagne

Method for preparation-

  1. Take a wine flute or any fancy-looking glass and slowly pour the champagne first.
  2. Top it off with a generous splash of stout.
  3. There you go. Black velvet is ready to serve!

Pro Tip- For the best mix of flavors, always make sure to pour stout slowly and carefully on top of an upside-down tablespoon placed over the glass to avoid mixing both layers.

Enjoy this cocktail over a weekend party or night party.