So what is balti triangle really? It turns out that balti triangle is known to be the home of balti houses. It was named after balti houses that sprung up in the neighbourhood and carried Asian cuisine to the west. Food such as bhajis, curries, kulfis, naan and rice are a very important component of balti cuisine. After being introduced, balti houses have adapted to the food culture dynamics of this Midlands city we call Birmingham.


Balti cuisine is known for the use of a circular wok or a deep pot that is also known as a karahi. The balti triangle, which is located just to the south of the city centre along Ladypool road, Stoney lane and Stratford road is named after all the eateries which served curries in a ‘balti’ — meaning bucket. In India, we just call it ‘karahi’.  

Although the balti triangle is also famous for balti curry, the diaspora of balti cuisine is obviously much bigger. Chicken tikka masala is a classic example of balti curry. Mostly, these places served curries that were inspired from many regions in the east such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.  

Many people call the balti triangle an important part of Birmingham history. The curry is fast-cooked on very high flame. Then it is served to the guest. In Britain, the culture of eating a balti curry is linked with an antidote to a night of being wasted yet feeling hungry. The curries are served with naan or rice.


These balti houses are so popular that a whole district has been named in their honour. The balti culture has been around since the 1970s. It rose to prominence after the first immigrants who were either Pakistani or Bangladeshi settled down in UK. 

A lot of people think that balti houses were places that brought a taste of Baltistan to Britain. However, this remains to be debated. What is confirmed, though, is that British people love curries, and that contributed to the popularity of balti houses. 

Although Birmingham is considered to be the hub of balti houses, they are popular in many parts of UK, New Zealand and Ireland. 

Have you been to a balti house?