Let’s admit that going to the hills does involve a lot of street food sprees in the markets with friends and family, even though you'd rather stick to basics. Are you someone who does not like to indulge in any kind of unhealthy food when you are on a trip? How do you back away from all that and stay fit? Here we share a few tips.

1. Cheese

A lot of hill stations in India are known for indigenous varieties of cheese that have been produced in the mountains. For instance, churpi cheese is a popular dairy product in Sikkim and Darjeeling. So, find yourself a shop that sells it. Cheese is a good source of nourishment all on its own.

2. Fruits and chai/coffee

Photo: Roberta Sorge

By mid-day, all we want is a bowl of maggi and some chips and soda to accompany that delicious comfort meal. If you want to avoid eating maggi, you can always rely on buying a local snack. There are a lot of places that sell fruit chaats or shakes to fill you up! Of course, you can combine fruit with chai instead of shakes. For example, there is a famous specialty called butter tea which is made with yak butter, tea leaves, water and salt in Mcleodganj. There must be some amazing specialties of hot beverages in every hill station. 

3. Thalis 

Photo: Rajat Sarki

Potatoes are such a huge part of the diet, thanks to the load of carbohydrates they provide for some locals who walk long distances. If you want to treat yourself to a platter, then do not shy away from ordering yourself a thali in any of the restaurants. That way, you get to explore the food culture of the hill station too. For instance, you can try the Nepali thali in Darjeeling which is one of the most popular meals in the hill station. 

4. Local bread 

In many hill stations, you can always eat a lot of local bread with butter and jam — the simplest and the easiest way to stay full as well as fit. For instance, in Gulmarg, you can visit your nearby kandur to buy fresh bakirkhani, katlam and many such amazing local delicacies. There is really a lot more food beyond unhealthy snacks, if one decides to explore!

5. Soup and eggs 

Photo: Rosalind Chang

Boiled eggs and soups are so common in every hill station. No matter what time of the year you visit, you can find these two healthiest food options everywhere. Breakfast should always include a nutrient-packed meal, and locals living in hill stations are known to start their meal with these two options too.

We hope that you’ll consider these options to stay fit!