Discussing South Indian food without touching upon Dosas feels like a crime, doesn’t it? Equally unacceptable is serving dosas without the right accompaniment. Typically, dosas are served with sambhar. A lentil and vegetable-based stew with a slightly tarty taste. While we love the classic dosa-sambar ‘jugalbandi’, but we have paired our dosas with far too many yummy and bizzare dishes to settle for just one combination. Here are our top five picks that you will most certainly enjoy.  

Side dishes for Dosa:  

1. Coconut Chutney

This creamy, mild chutney is a departure from its spicy counterparts, which is perhaps why it always finds a dedicated place in every South Indian platter. The unique chutney is made with combination of fresh coconut, chillies, lentils and mustard seeds.  

2. Tomato Chutney

It is tangy, it is spicy and what else do you expect from a chutney right. The south Indian tomato chutney is a coarse mix of tomatoes, mustard seeds, garlic and chillies, that makes for a perfect pair with crispy dosas.

3. Bombay Chutney

Is it a chutney, is it a curry? You need to try it to find out. This thick and luscious treat is thickened with gram flour, and flavoured with mustard seeds, cumin, curry leaves, hing, ginger, tomato, onion and red chillies. Get set for a joyride of flavours.  

4. Kara Chutney

This fiery chutney made with heaps of onions, sesame and chillies is ideal for those who can stand anything but bland food. Proud of your spice tolerance levels, try this recipe.  

5. Milagai Podi

You have seen it at every South Indian eatery, now make it at home for your dosas. This side dish comprising dry mix of rustic spices and goodness of chana dal, is something you don’t want to miss.  

Did we miss out on your favourite side dish? Do let us know.