The boom is Korean food in India is very recent, owing to the growing popularity of K-dramas and not forget, BTS! With this sudden upsurge in the desire to try what they are eating; Delhi couldn’t have been left behind. It has always been known as a foodie's junction and so this time too, Dilli has lived up to it.  

Here are 4 best places to enjoy a piping hot bowl of ramen along with several authentic Korean dishes on your plate in Delhi.  

1. Koris  

This pretty café is one of the few Korean places in Delhi that offers a special Korean thali, Dosirak. But that’s not it. You can make a stop here to indulge in some delicious Kimchi Fried rice, Bibimbap and before we forget, they do some lip-smacking potato pancakes i.e. Gamja Jeon too.  

Where: Majnu-Ka-Tilla & Safdarjung 

Price: INR 1100 for two 

2. Busan Restaurant  

Another amazing Korean hub lies amidst the tiny lanes of MKT. Be rest assured for a proper Korean experience, seated in low chairs and tables and served with a variety of vegetarian and meat dishes like Bulgogi, So Kalbi Jim and more. And don’t worry, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.  

Where: Majnu-ka-Tilla  

Price: INR 900 for two 

3. Korean Cultural Centre  

Just like most countries, Korea also has a special cultural centre surrounding by the hustle-bustle of a crowded market. The café here is a gem of a place. From Chicken pops, kimchi rolls to traditional jujubes and ramyeon, everything is prepared in proper Korean style and at affordable prices. If you do plan to visit, try their organic coffee definitely.  

Where: Lajpat Nagar IV 

Price: INR 800 for two 

4. Seoul Restaurant 


If you are in the mood for a splurge, go all out at this Restaurant de Seoul which is quite a Korean fine dining experience. Grilled duck and rice cakes are some of the favourites at this spot. Why spend on Butter chicken and Naan every time when you could try something new, right?  

Where: Ansal Plaza, Khel Gaon Marg  

Price: INR 2500 for two 

Pause your K-drama for second and decide where are you heading for your Korean meal with your gang. Now, don’t complain later that we didn’t tell you.