Gujarati community is one of the few Indian communities that has a sweetness their taste, amidst the plethora of spicy cuisines across North and South. Desserts are definitely a specialty and mind you, most of them are made with the richness of nuts, ghee and sugar. Is your sweet tooth already tingling?  

Let’s not make you wait any more and dig in to the Top 5 Gujarati desserts you must try.  

1. Mohanthal  

A very traditional and famous sweet of Gujarat is Mohanthal. Resembling a barfi, this square-shaped dessert is loaded with ghee, milk powder, sugar and of course, lots of dry fruits. Though it’s super heavy, we bet you won’t be able to stop at one.  

2. Shrikhand  

If you are looking for a refreshing taste that doesn’t involve ghee, Shrikhand should be your go-to dessert. The creamy and smooth texture owe itself to the hung curd and cardamom that goes in its making. Since it is a part of the Gujarati thali, you will find this rich saffron dessert in weddings and special occasions.  

3. Ghari

4. Aam Ras

If you’ve seen Gujarati shows or have Gujarati friends, you will always find Aam Ras stocked up in their refrigerator in the summer season. Made from a luscious mango pulp, cardamom is often added to give it a nice flavor. It is accompanied by moong dal pooris in Gujarati households.  

5. Basundi  

Another creamy dessert from the Gujarati kitchen is Basundi. A counterpart of North India’s famous rabdi, basundi is made from milk, saffron and sugar. When it reaches the desired consistency, you can flavour it the way you like with angoor, dry fruits etc.  

Try these mouth-watering Gujarati sweets to give your meals a delicious end.