One of the most delicious vegetarian options in Bengali cuisine, ‘posto’ or poppy seeds paste is found in almost every Bengali kitchen. Most Bengalis can’t even imagine their ‘Khichudi’ without ‘Aloo Posto’. A delicacy of the Bengali kitchens, ‘Aloo Posto’ is quite popular amongst Non-Bengalis too. However, most people are unaware of the fact that ‘posto’ doesn’t only go well with potatoes but many other vegetables and even non-vegetarian dishes. To satisfy their palate, Bengalis experiment with these golden seeds and incorporate them into a variety of dishes. Here are five dishes you can make with ‘posto’ to satisfy your palate and fill your heart with happiness. 

1. Potol Posto

Pointed gourd cooked with poppy seeds and coconut paste, ‘Potol Posto’ is subtle and moreish in taste. Cooked with minimal spices,  ‘Potol Posto’ is made in almost every Bengali household and restaurant as a summer delight.

2. Postor Bora

Known as a flavour and textural delight, Postor Bora is addictive fritters made with poppy seeds paste. Shallow fried into delicious munchies, this dish is a popular evening snack of Bengal. 

3. Rui Posto

Bengalis love this dish as much as they love the traditional ‘Machher Jhol’. Rohu fish cooked in poppy seeds paste, ‘Rui Posto’ is usually relished with steamed rice. Silky and creamy in texture and flavour, this dish is a personal favourite of numerous Bengalis who can’t even go a day without eating it.


4. Peyaj Posto

Quite simple and laborsaving, Peyaj Posto is made with onions cooked in ‘posto’. Little sweet in taste, the dish is made with minimal ingredients and is usually paired with a bowl of steamed rice and sliced lemon and green chillies on the side.

5. Paneer Posto

A delicious, creamy dish, ‘Paneer Posto’ is served in almost all Bengali festivities. Paneer cooked with poppy seeds, sesame seeds and green chillies paste, this dish doesn’t have bold ingredients to overpower the subtle and creamy taste of the paste. 

Along with being creamy and smooth in flavour and texture, poppy seeds are filled with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. For satisfying your palate along with maintaining a healthy heart, try these ‘posto’ recipes at home.