Though the stuffing of tobacco and suppari is harmful for health, it is the leaves that are very good for you.  

Want to know how? We’ll tell you about the 5 unknown benefits of betel leaves that will take you by surprise.  


1. Digestion  

These leaves can be great for digestion and help to increase your metabolism. Chewing them after a meal prevents any intestinal or flatulence-related issues. The leaves contain carminative properties which allow the absorption of minerals and vitamins from the food you consume.  


2. Pains and aches  

If you are suffering from any joint pains or aches, all you have to do is simply take a bunch of these leaves and warm them.  Tie them around the areas of joint pain and you will notice an instant relief. They have proven beneficial for inflammation too.  


3. Respiration  

In times of Covid, we all fear developing cough and cold. These leaves can help to relieve congestions in your chest due to them. Take the leaves and spread some mustard oil on them. Place it on your chest and you may feel better. You can also prepare a kadha drink using boiled betel leaves, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.  


4. Cuts and Bruises  

If you have any external injury like bruise, rash or any other allergic reactions, then you can make a paste of these leaves on the affected areas and these leaves will heal them.  


5. Gut and Oral hygiene  

To avoid plague, bad smell, cavities and the like, chew a few pieces of betel leaves every day. Along with this, the paan leaves can be very healthy for your gut and keep it clear of any bacteria.  


Who knew something like Paan ke patte could treat common everyday ailments?