Do you have any idea as to how much food is wasted every day? If you look at the exact statistics of food wasted just every second in our country or even around the world, you will be taken by surprise. With these healthy cutlets there’s just one way you can get started. Our veg cutlets are stuffed with healthy hearty veggies and a mix of leftover lentils such as rajma, arhar, toor etc. 

Find out how you can enjoy yummy stuffed cutlets while helping contribute to a greener planet by lowering food waste at the same time.  



  1. Rice  

  2. Lentils 

  3. Mixed vegetable 

  4. Boiled Potato  

  5. 4 tablespoon Besan  

  6. 4 tablespoon Cornflour  

  7. Oil 

  8. Chopped garlic  

  9. Chaat masala                       




  1. With the leftover lentils such as rajma, cook them in a pan until they become dry. 

  2. Now, keep them for cooling. Mix leftover rice, boiled potatoes and if you have any leftover sabji like mixed veg or gobi. Note that you need to mash them properly before mixing in the pan. 

  3. Now add salt, chilli flakes and chopped garlic into the mixture  

  4. Also add one tablespoon of chaat masala. 

  5. Add besan for binding and cornflour for crispiness. 

  6. Using your hands, mix the stuffing properly and make tikkis / cutlets out of it. 

  7. Coat the tikki with breadcrumbs and fry it in a pan with high flame. Right after 1-2 minutes, lower the flame quickly and continue frying. 

  8. Once it starts to turn brown your homemade stuffed cutlets will be ready. 

Please make sure you add most of the ingredients strictly using the leftover food only. 


With this innovative recipe instead of throwing leftover food away just yet, you can put it into use and make something extremely delicious, rich in fibres and proteins out of it. Watch these cutlets crisp up right before your eyes.