Cheela or Indian pancakes are made using different kinds of flour and are prepared in almost every Indian household in different styles. And if you are already well-versed with this staple breakfast, we’ve got you a unique recipe to try. Cheele ka raita is not just a side dish but instead a unique flavoursome gluten free raita not many know about. Indian meals are incomplete without yogurt and a bowl full of fresh refreshing raita is the best way to keep yourself hydrated and chilled out during summers. This cheele ka raita will be a perfect accompaniment to your biryani, pulaos and parathas.  




  1. ½ cup gram flour 

  2. ¼ tsp Carom seeds 

  3. Coriander seeds 

  4. Salt 

  5. Green chili 

  6. Hing ( aestopheteda) 

  7. Kadi patta 

  8. Mustard seeds 

  9. Red chilli powder 

  10. 2 tablespoon oil 

  11. 1 cup thick curd 


  1. Take a bowl and add besan gram flour) into it. 

  2. Now add carom seeds, mustard seeds, a pinch of salt, hing and crushed coriander seeds. 

  3. Mix all these ingredients together making a thick better out of it 

  4. At a low- medium flame, heat both sides the better making a thick chila out it 

  5. Once it is cooked, keep it aside for cooling. 

  6. Meanwhile, take another bowl and add curd. Beat together and add a pinch of salt again. 

  7. The cheela that has already been made, cut small square pieces of it and add it to our raita.  

  8. Mix it together and add takda to it using kadi patta leaves. 

  9. Chile ka raita is now ready to eat. Garnish it with coriander leaves before serving. 



Make sure you add the cheela into the raita only when you’re ready to eat it. Chances are that it may become soggy if added and kept beforehand. 


A relationship with food is never toxic, food brings the ultimate satisfaction among us. Eat happy and stay happy is the motive we’ve set for you!