Dried Kokum is usually available in the market and is used in most recipes. Kokum syrup is also a good alternative. Make sure the kokum is dark in colour because the denser purple colour it has, the better will be the taste. The shelf life of dried kokum is about 1 year if it is properly stored in an airtight container.  

Since it is available in the coastal regions easily, Kokum has found its way into drinks and sherbets too. Often, you will find Kokum juice and mocktails on the restaurant menus in those regions. And mind you, there is an endless list of its health benefits. Since ages, it has been used to cure acidity and is great for the digestive system too. A glass of Kokum Mocktail contains 87 calories.  

Here’s a quick Kokum mocktail recipe to provide a respite in summers.  


Kokum syrup (if you don’t find dried Kokum) 


Lemon Juice 

Black salt  



Powdered sugar 

Mint leaves  


1. Pour the kokum syrup in a glass. Add roasted cumin, black salt, salt, sugar and lemon juice to it.  

2. Mix all the ingredients together and pour some soda on it.  

3. Add a few ice cubes, sprinkle fresh mint leaves and serve chilled.  

Ditch the mojitos and refresh your taste buds with this delicious mocktail recipe.