Fava beans are nutritious: they are high in protein, as well as fiber and vitamins (especially folic acid). They are low in fat and low in gluten which makes them a perfect vegetable. In general, fava beans are a great alternative to animal proteins or solid foods.

So, what else can you get from these high-protein beans? Here are 5 reasons why fava beans are good for you. 

Good for heart health

The magnesium in fava beans plays an important role in improving heart health. Also, the dietary fibers present in beans reduces cholesterol and improves digestion. 

Good to reduce and manage Parkinson’s  symptoms 

Parkinson's is related to decreased motor performance. Fava beans increase levels of L-dopa, a chemical that improves brain performance. This chemical acts as a neurotransmitter and reduces Parkinson's symptoms.

Good for weight management

Fava beans increase satiety and also help you lose weight. Fava beans contain soluble and insoluble fiber and lots of protein that keeps you full for a long time.

Good for preventing birth defects

Fava beans are rich in folate. This substance prevents birth defects in newborn children and is absolutely essential in a pregnant woman's diet. If women don't get enough folate from their diets, it is worrisome because folate prevents miscarriages, premature birth, and low birth weight.

Good for boosting immunity

The copper in Fava beans helps maintain healthy white blood cells. These beans are also rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, iron, and zinc, thereby helping in strengthening the immune system. 

Make healthy recipes with fava beans and get rid of health-related issues.